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Florida girl wonders if TikTok's can save the real Florida.

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Florida seems to be the state everyone loves or loves to hate, or they are running to. I myself never thought I would end up living in Florida, California held my heart. Growing up in Michigan It was always a joke that I was the SoCal girl, and when I moved to San Deigo, I swore I would always be a Cali girl and Florida was no place for me. Fast forward to now and the real story is I have fully engulfed myself in the Florida energy and I am proud to say I am a Florida girl! I love this state so much and I think that with 1000 people moving here a day and it currently being the most expensive state to live in, I want to share what real Florida is before its gone. I am also beginning to realize that reading is not the strong point of most of the population and maybe it's time for me to utilize TikTok, short little videos seem to get much more traffic than blogs. So let me know what you guys think, a TikTok or two for every blog with what exactly it means to be a Florida girl beyond mermaid life.

It's pretty easy to look at this state and think it’s all about Disney, beaches and well-groomed retirement communities. As Aarron loves to say it’s the land of newlyweds and nearly dead’s, but Florida is full of natural beauty and interesting history that is so important to enjoy and preserve. Florida has 1,800 miles of coastline, 8,460 miles of tidal shoreline and is home to more than 80 different ecosystems. 25,000 square miles, nearly half of Florida is forest, and 11,000 miles of waterways crisscross the state. Florida truly is one of the most unique and beautiful places in the world, and these unique ecosystems are what made me fall in love, and the more understanding I gain of Florida’s natural history the more I want to conserve it. Its pretty special for a typical day to include a meeting with a dolphin, a tortoise, and a swallow- tailed kite. These special encounters and the habitats that sustain their life and ours is what more people should see before it is turned into a retirement park.

I love to get out and explore the natural world as much as I can, obviously I made a career out of it, as Aaron has. He loves it so much he has recently become an ambassador for an outdoor outfitter that makes some incredibly comfortable hammocks, and other wildlife living gear. Watch our Facebook page for his wilding guide adventure updates and deals as a Sierra Medre ambassador. We are out exploring the real Florida and sharing it with you.

Happy birthday to Aaron, not that he is getting any older on May 7th. He found the fountain of youth... Playing outdoors

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