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GBR, Why we Should be Voted the Best Kayak Tour Company in the US.

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Glass Bottom Rentals Boca Grande Florida Clear Kayaks

We’re number one, at least we think so and according to last year’s USA Today’s Readers’ Choice awards we were ranked the 4th Best Kayak Tour Company in the US! We are proud to say that we are in the Top 20 again this year and voting is happening right now. There are a lot of different factors that go into making a kayak tour company stand out and to make the top of the list out of thousands, and Glass Bottom Rentals strives at standing out and being the best!

Shelling Tour Best Kayak Tour USA Readers Choice Top 10 Boca Grande, FL

Location is of course on the top of the list for what makes or breaks a kayak tour company. This does not mean that only one type of ecosystem is better than another, because there are so many beautiful waterways, in many different environments that are special in their own way. But I will say that I must be one of the luckiest ecotour Guides, because being a Mermaid in the Gasparilla sound is quite the stellar place to play! The limestone seafloor creates water that shines the most brilliant colors of teals and blues. The sound is also the second largest estuary in Florida, with an average depth of 5 feet, lush mangroves and seagrass beds that are home to hundreds of different species of wildlife.

Excited, ethical, experienced, and educated guides also make a kayak tour company stand out above the rest, and I work hard at being all of those. I am extremely passionate about the natural world and what I do, when I am out on the water, I love to immerse people into the marine world. The shallow waters of the estuary are filled with marine life such as whelks, conchs, and urchin that are perfect for giving people hands on experience with creatures most don’t think much about or even knew existed. For many people that is an experience that changes their perspective of the ocean world and can spark an interest in learning more about why conservation is important.

Aaron Koher, Owner, Glass Bottom Rentals, Clear Kayak

Equipment is obviously a huge part of having the best kayak tour company, and what is cooler than a glass bottom kayak in crystal clear shallow teal warm waters? Exploring a sub-tropical paradise where the sun shines around puffy clouds and reflects off the warm shallow waters of the Gasparilla Sound while you are watching dolphin, manatee, fish, swim under you is a bucket list thing for sure.

Katie and Aaron Koher, Owners, Glass Bottom Rentals, Clear Kayaks Boca Grande

Finally, the most important part of having the best kayak tour company is the owners, and Glass Bottom has two of the best! Aaron and Katie take pride in running a small business that has such a stellar reputation in the community. Glass Bottom rentals has a very low negative impact on the environment, and a very high impact in the community and that is exactly how business should be ran.

These are the reasons why I think we should be number one in this year's Best Kayak tour company contest, and we hope you agree and give us a vote. You can vote every day from any of your devices at this link until May 9th at noon. Vote - Glass Bottom Rentals - Best Kayaking Tour Nominee: 2022 10Best Readers' Choice Travel Awards.

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