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Paddle for Peace

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Paddle for Peace Fun Kayak and SUP Paddle Boca Grande, FL

Please Join Us on Sunday June 14th! There is so much going on in the world, our hearts are breaking for those around us. This is not a protest, or a day to push political agendas, just a nice, peaceful day of unity in our community. We are trying to spread happiness through paddling, and by sharing our area with the paddle community!

ALL ARE WELCOME! Please bring your Kayak, SUP's or other vessels! We are donating our day and fleet of Clear Kayaks, Stand Up Paddleboards, Kaku Kayaks and Canoes to those without so they can join us! Please call Aaron at 941-237-1756 to reserve!

Please arrive early! We plan to gather in the Cove and paddle together to the Boca Grande Sandbar. Once we arrive you can stay and enjoy everyone's company, have lunch, swim, etc. (there will be other boats, kayaks, etc. as this is a popular spot in our area), or you can paddle on your own to check out the area. There is plenty to explore, including nearby islands!

TYE DYE and Bright Colors are not necessary, but Recommended! Please feel free to wear it if you have it! We would Love to get some great pictures of our Paddle for Peace!

This is a Free Event! Any other Touring and Rental Companies are welcomed and encouraged to join us on the paddle, and to donate their equipment, as well as Vendors that would like to offer products or samples for Free. Please call Aaron to participate, 941-237-1756.

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