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Paradise is only a Drive away!

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Are you longing for a getaway? Maybe a tropical destination in the Caribbean where you can play in the clear, blue water, find some ocean treasures and watch dolphins play? Believe it or not, your tropical destination is only a short drive away, on Boca Grande!

Sounds too good to be true? We know! But Boca Grande does have bragging rights for some of the clearest water around! We often see dolphin, manatee and many other types of marine life on our Guided Eco Tours, and find Sand Dollars, Sea Star, Sea Urchins and many other creatures of the sea out at the Boca Grande Sandbar!

Believe it or not, these people are not on a Tropical Vacation! This is Boca Grande! For some of you, Paradise is in your backyard, while for others it is only a short drive away! Come experience this nearby paradise for yourself! It is worth the drive!

Glass Bottom Rentals

5810 Gasprilla Rd, Placida, FL 33946


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Jul 29, 2020

Awesome! I can't wait to do activities with you guys. I have a winter home in North Port and Boca Grande is my favorite beach! Glad I found you and can't wait to do some exploring with a group or guide - kayak, hike and camp. See you in November!

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