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Summer of fun and wild facts.

I wonder how long I will stare at this blank page. Maybe writers block is why Elon Musk wants to hook our brains into a microchip. Then my thoughts would just vomit onto the document, and I may have a better chance at sorting through them. Not that I would ever put any form of nanochip technology in my brain that connects me to the internet. That is just so not my vibe. I’m out here every day trying to get people to connect to the natural world.

It’s been crazy hot here, like record heat, I have heard it compared to Satan’s farts. While I’m not sure about the scientific accuracy of that statement the heat has had me playing in the surf or just floating pretty much all day. The marine life is loving the warm waters and sunshine, so it’s been a great week on the water for tours. The dolphins are still being very playful and active all around our cove and the sound. We have had lots of manatees come by to visit as well as stingrays and there also has been no shortage of the cool critters that reside on the ocean floor such as gastropods, bivalves, and urchin. I will say that I have yet to see any nettle jelly fish and that is stellar because, let’s be honest, they are not the most pleasant of marine life.

Tours are so much fun, and a fantastic learning experience because there is so much interaction. Lots of new things, unusual things that inspire the brain to maybe look at things a little differently, and great questions. I would like to create some interaction via the virtual world for those who don’t live here and can’t make it out, or for anyone who just wants to learn more. So now you can “ask a mermaid” and Aaron and I will go through whatever questions get posted in the comments and pick one to answer. You want to know oysters eat? Ask in the comment section. What kind of stingrays live here, ask away? You want to gain understating of the intelligence of a crow ask in the comment section. Any question has to do with the natural world or the island that pops in your brain ask away and Aaron and I will do our best to answer. The reply could be in the form of a funny and educational TikTok or a paragraph in the blog or maybe it will take a whole blog. Let’s make this a summer of fun and connection to the wild.

Stay salty

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