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Wake us up when September ends, we'll be camping until then.

It's that time of year when the island closes, the sound turns brown, and we leave town. I’ll make it super cheesy and say, “wake me up when September ends”. It is one of the greatest Green Day Songs EVER!!!! I still always get goosebumps when I hear it. Yes, I am one of those weirdos that feels music, my skin tingles, I get chills and see colors. There is some sort of name for this but that is not what this week’s blog is about. Instead of sitting around and waiting for September to end, the water to return to blue and the island to open back up we leave for ROCKADOCK. A weeklong camping and paddling adventure that GBR sponsors.

Tripp Smith is an avid adventurer and Youtuber that puts on the most epic annual camping and paddling event called rockadock.

Once again, this year Aaron is donating a Kaku Kayak and the best hammocks on the market for the big raffle. How amazing is that? Aaron is so passionate about play and adventure that not only did he open GBR and has grown the business by leaps and bounds over the last six years, but he has also dedicated his free time and money to local friends with the same passion. Living a life of adventure and love for the wild is contagious. The love for the wild really is the best kind of fever to catch, it truly does change your life for the better. Trip and Aaron both have a passion for bringing people into the wild and there is no better way to spend September than camping and playing with friends.

The other cool thing about this weeklong camping and paddling adventure is that it's in the woods, on freshwater systems and sprigs. Getting away from the salty ocean breeze and into the fresh sprigs and cool air really is a slice of heaven. The huge campfires and lazy nap in hammocks after a paddle in the springs also make this week the perfect time out. So, while we will miss the island, we can joyfully say, stay salty and we will see you Oct 4th. Till then don’t call, the merman and mermaid are on a time out.

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