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When Life Hands You Lemons....

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Aaron Koher Michelle Starr Glass Bottom Rentals North Port, Florida

Have you ever heard the saying "When Life hands you lemons, grab your lawn mower"? Us neither, but it seemed like the most logical things to do! Red Tide has been in our area on and off since July 25th. We aren't sure what the future holds for Red Tide in the area, whether it be a few weeks, or months, until we get back on the water. But we do know these 2 Beach Bums will be land based for a while. To stay active outside, we will be cutting grass, weeding, etc for donations in the local area. We are trying to keep busy, and make a little money while we are out of work.

If you need your grass cut, please give us a call or text, 941-237-1756, we would be happy to help you out with your grass, and at the same time you would be helping us out as well!

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