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Why is the ocean so powerful? Because it has lots of mussels.

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Ha ha ha ha ha, It must be the full moon because I’ve got jokes. But for real, a full moon and summer water temps create big tide exchanges, you throw in some high west winds, and we got some surf! So obviously I had to go play on my new surfboard! On Monday the surf was chop with a shore break, but it was a blast to play in and I did catch a wave. On Tuesday there was still decent surf on island, so we had to take a few minutes to play on the bodyboards which never disappoints.

Wednesday came the winds settled, Aaron left with his daughter Brooke to Flagler for her college orientation and my daughter Raven came to help work the shop for the rest of the week. Believe it or not working with my daughter is Awesome, I dig her a lot and she does a great job at the shop. But well, the full moon, the heat and not having a day off to not leave my house in weeks has me a tad exhausted and lazy. So, this week's blog is ocean jokes because I have no brains left and I just want to laugh and relax.

The real reason why some people think the world is flat

The oceans are uncarbonated.

What do you call it when you hold your phone perfectly up to the edge of the ocean?

A Verizon

If your body was the size of the Atlantic ocean, your red blood cells would be the size of the Titanic

Let that sink in

Why do Seagulls hang out by the ocean?

Because if they hung out by the bay, they'd be bagels.

What swims in the ocean and does math?

A octoplus

Why is the ocean so salty?

Because the land never waves back

Why are pelicans able to dive into the ocean they way they do?

Because they're called peliCANs, not peliCAN'Ts.

Ok I think that is enough jokes for now. I hope they put a smile on your face, and you also take time for a time out. We all need one, just like we all need to stay salty.

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