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Will Camping Adventure Collide with 1st Named Atlantic storm of 2022?

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Sometimes I swear mother nature has jokes, at least for me. Here I was last week talking about how much I love camping in the rain, and I am always talking about loving the predictable unpredictability of outdoor adventures. This week we are planning a little camping trip because we will have to be closed due to windy and stormy conditions. The joke is it is also perfect timing for possible development of the first named storm of the 2022 Atlantic season that would take aim right at southwest Florida. Now for many of us who have lived in Florida for some time, storm season is entertaining, especially those spaghetti models and hurricane party plans because if it ain’t at least a 4 we are drinking more.

Oh, yea I should also say it's Tuesday, and this isn’t published until Friday so this is kind of like a back to the future blog, but since I will be camping at one of my most favorite local state parks, I am ahead of the blog game this week. Or am I on time, and just seems like a head of the game because I am always writing late Thursday night? Anyhoo, back to the point of the predictable unpredictability of mother nature. The hurricane season has officially begun, and all jokes aside it is important to be prepared. Last min prep puts strain on not only ourselves but the supply chain and community. So here a basic recommended hurricane checklist. They are great to have printed up.

Having hurricane rated windows, doors and shutters is also high up on the necessity list during hurricane season. If you are looking for the best in town GJC Window & Door is voted best for window replacement and hurricane shutters in Port Charlotte and they just so happen to be owned and ran by Aaron and Katie's family. Support local and family owned and be prepared for predicable unpredictability of mother nature.

Well, this will be fun to read come Friday, and we see what actually happens with this 60% chance of Alex developing. All I know is I'm camping, and I'll have tales of adventure and shenanigans to share.

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