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Frequently Asked Questions!

*What is included with my Rental?

-A USCG approved life vest and whistle are include with the rental of a kayak  or Paddle board.

*Do I need to sign a waiver?

-Yes, every renter needs to sign a waiver for themselves (and for any minors under 18), as well as a Rules and Responsibilities sheet.

*How many people are allowed per Kayak?

-Each kayak can hold 1-2 people. 

*Is there an age requirement?

-All minors must have parental consent to paddle, and minors under 14  must have parent  in the kayak  with them. Minors under 14 will not be allowed to kayak or paddle board by themselves. 

*What Should I bring?

-We recommend you bring sunscreen, plenty of water, and a snack if you are going out for more than a few hours. This is a water sport, please be prepared to get wet. A towel is not necessary, but recommended for when you get back. Someone in your group should carry their phone with them in case of emergency. We recommend someone bringing a water proof case for their phone, wallet, etc . We do have some available to borrow upon request.

*Can I keep my Rental for longer than I booked for? 

-If you'd like to stay out longer than your reservation, please  call in advance or discuss this when you arrive. Availability will depend on other reservations and appointments for the day. There is a $10/hour additional fee for each rental. that applies when additional hours are pre-booked. There will be a late fee , the full cost of a normal 2 hour rental, per rental for any rentals coming back more than 15 mins past the scheduled return time. Please be aware that unless you have booked additional hours, there is most likely a customer waiting on the return of your vessels who has booked in advance. We ask that you take this in to consideration and call if you expect to not make it back to the launch site in time. Thank you.

*What forms of  Payment do you accept?

-Cash, Visa, MasterCard & Discover are the only forms of payment that we accept. We do not take  American Express

For additional questions, please call 941-237-1756

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