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Do I need a Guided Tour?

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

The question of the day is always "do I need a tour guide?". The short answer is No, but...

1- You do not Need a tour guide. We offer Rentals as well, and the area we launch and paddle in is very shallow and easy to paddle. We also have a "paddling area" meaning we have a suggested route that you paddle, and can make suggestions based on what you are looking to see or do. Want to see dolphins? We'll suggest you paddle around and underneath the fishing Pier. Want to have a picnic lunch on a island? We have a few we can recommend in paddling distance.

Everyone from a beginner paddler to an expert can come, rent and have an enjoyable day on the water without a guide. But there are Lots of benefits to have a tour guide!

-Want to see and learn about marine life? Our experienced Guides are familiar with the area and know where to find marine life that most paddlers would paddle by. Starfish, sand dollars, Lightning whelks, giant red hermit crabs and more!

Boca Grande Florida Guided Kayak Shelling Tour

-Want to know what something is? Where it lives? What it eats and more? We know, and we'd be happy to share our knowledge with you and your family!

Kids Kayak and Paddleboard Tour Boca Grande, FL

-Want pictures to capture your perfect day? We've got you covered! Our Guides will document your trip and post pictures online for you to save and share with your friends and family!

Family Kayak Tour Glass Bottom Rentals

Guided Kayak Tour Boca Grande Sandbar

The choice is yours, and we proudly offer both options knowing whichever you choose, you'll have an amazing day on the water! If you're unsure just give us a call and we can certainly help you make the best decision for your next Adventure!

See You Out There Soon!

-The Glass Bottom Rentals Team!

For Reservations, 941-237-1756

Serving the Placida, Boca Grande, Englewood and surrounding areas for all of your Kayaking and Paddleboard needs!

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Alana Larsen
Alana Larsen
07 sept 2021

How do I book a guided tour and how much does that cost? Thanks


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